The astute folks at Den of Geek pointed out that one of the main reasons why we've heard from Warner Brothers that plans for a sequel to The Green Lantern are already in the works is that they want to lock down their star Ryan Reynolds so he can't move on and do a Deadpool movie afterwards. Though the first Green Lantern movie won't be released until June of 2011, a rumor recently started to circulate that, since studio execs were so please with the footage they'd seen from the first film, two more entries in the Green Lantern movie franchise might be in the works.

That rumor was given weight recently when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix scribe Michael Goldenberg was officially hired by Warner Bros. to write the script for Green Lantern 2. The move is pretty audacious considering that the first film could be a dud, leaving the studio dead in the water with two more entries of a flaccid franchise to go.

There are two other possible reasons for this eager show of confidence in the project. One reason is, as Den of Geek's Simon Brew speculates, the studios want to snag star Ryan Reynolds for a sequel before Fox can get a potential Deadpool spin-off movie off the ground. Rumors are already flying that Robert Rodriguez will direct a Deadpool film scripted by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who recently co-wrote zomcom misfire Zombieland (sorry, it had to be said). With a script for Green Lantern 2 done, the studio can add one more incentive for Reynolds to stick around: proof that they're as serious about the franchise as they want him to be.

The second reason is that Warner Brothers sees what Marvel Studios has done by creating a sense of continuity in their comic book adaptation and is finally realizing that they too need to do something similar. This doesn't mean that we're likely to see Green Lantern pop up in Christopher Nolan's as-yet-untitled third Batman movie but the idea of establishing a three-part saga is an interesting step in that direction. Wonder if they'll keep Casino Royale director Martin Campbell around for a second or even a third Green Lantern.
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