Ah, Ivy Miller and Wyatt Tripps have reunited at last! Bliss! Ever since I watched Overnight Delivery in the late '90s, I've wanted to see Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd work together in more films. The two have this awesome "I just can't help but be close to you ... against my better judgment" chemistry that makes even typical romcom fare seem fun, and dare I say, noteworthy.

I write this because their new movie, How Do You Know, is typical romcom territory. There is no grand adventure, wild delivery men, bare-assed baby hissy fits, or tears in cocoa this time around. It's just a girl trying to decide between two guys, as the newly released trailer shows. But luckily, with Reese and Paul, it still looks worth the time.
First, the reality check before I spew more Reese/Paul fandom: This is a fairly typical romantic comedy. There's a girl who's afraid of commitment and is torn between a fairly dumb jock (Owen Wilson) who knows he's in love because he wears a condom when he's with other girls, and a struggling and goofy businessman facing financial ruin. The former comes off as a completely clueless and crappy choice, while the latter seems to have brains and chemistry, but naturally, she can't figure out who to choose, or, as the title suggests, How Do You Know who to choose?

With that out of the way, let's dig into the positive.

While a familiar premise, it has an air of smarts to it. That would be because it's written and directed by James L. Brooks, Oscar-winning writer and director of As Good As It Gets. (Let alone Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News, and the television show Taxi.)

It also helps that Reese doesn't have to play some super-spazzy girl rushing to and fro with shopping bags who constantly falls over her feet. She's romantically challenged, but still with a wry sense of humor, much like you'd imagine Ivy Miller if she and Tripps didn't live happily ever after.

Paul Rudd, is, of course, classic Rudd, but dialed back a notch so that he seems lively, but not all-out goofy -- until he decides to dance in the street for Reese's amusement. As an added bonus for him, Jack Nicholson is playing his dad, and it's a combo I can only hope gets a lot of play on-screen.

But now it's time to check it out for yourself. Watch it below and weigh in: Are you excited to see Reese and Rudd together again come Christmas time?