Remember Davis Guggenheim? The Academy-Award director of the Al Gore/climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth? The last time Guggenheim's was in the press, he was backing out of directing the 3D feature-length, Justin Bieber (he of the boyish voice, tousled hair, and legions of preteen girls following his every move online and off) film. For Guggenheim, directing anything Bieber-related seemed like a huge step down, career wise (because it was). Artistic considerations were obviously secondary to financial ones. Though with a last name like Guggenheim, you'd think monetary considerations would be secondary, not primary. In any case, Guggenheim left the project after receiving a barrage of online criticism for the choice.

Deadline reports that another director, more willing than Guggenheim to suffer the outrageous slings and arrows of anti-Bieberites, has stepped into the director chair. That director (yes, I know, I've milked this bit of news long enough) is none other than one Jon Chu. Chu has directed the last two entries in the Step Up franchise, Step Up 2: Back to the Streets and the recently released Step Up 3D. Chu's music-dance background, plus working with 3D cameras on Step Up 3D (instead of the odious 3D post-conversion process), made him as close to a perfect choice as Paramount could have wanted for a Bieber pic. Apparently, Step Up 3D's lack of commercial success at the box office didn't negatively influence Chu's chances at getting the directing gig from Paramount.
As for Guggenheim, he's doing press for his latest issue-oriented documentary, Waiting for "Superman". It premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival to positive critical notices. Waiting for "Superman" hits theaters September 24th. We don't know what he'll direct next, but we can safely assume it won't involve a teen-pop star with a rabid fanbase and equally rapid detractors.

So what do you think of Chu helming a Justin Bieber? Good, bad, or indifferent? Do you think Guggenheim dodged a bullet in deciding not to direct the Bieber pic?
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