And so the October film shuffle continues. First Saw 3D ditched its usual week before Halloween opening, October 22nd, and nestled in safely for an October 29th release, steering clear of direct competition with Paranormal Activity 2 and pitting it up against Wes Craven's My Soul to Take and the limited release Monsters. Now it looks like the pressure was too intense for My Soul to Take as well because that one's backpedaling to October 8th where I Spit On Your Grave is the only other release within the horror genre.

I guess it was a smart move. As compared to Saw 3D, My Soul to Take was certainly the October 29th underdog. At least on the 8th it'll be the prime source of entertainment for horror hounds. However, if the move was solely to give My Soul to Take a leg up on the competition, I would have opted for the 15th. The only films opening that weekend are Jackass 3D, Conviction and Red. Then again, perhaps gore lovers would end up gravitating towards Jackass instead.

Regardless, this one's going to need some serious marketing to even get ahead of competition that'll be in its second week like Let Me In and this first poster posted on Shock Till You Drop isn't really the best start. Artistically, it's got a great look. The lack of floating heads à la the Scream franchise is always a plus, but for those with zero knowledge of My Soul to Take, how are they supposed to have a clue what this movie is about? The title, tagline and mention of Craven's other work helps, but a more telling image could have been a big boost. Even just increasing the size of the image already there would have made the poster more striking.