SaltOver at the excellent Los Angeles Times blog 24 Frames, reporter Steven Zeitchik looks at why a Salt sequel might or might not happen. The stars, director, and producer were cagey about a sequel during their press tour, despite the fact that, as Zeitchik puts it, "its ending was left open wider than Red Square." Studios see female leads as a risk, especially in a male-dominated genre, but Jolie is a wild card when it comes to action. If anything, Jolie's dramatic work has been less commercially successful than her action films, especially since previous action flicks she's been in -- Wanted and the Lara Croft series, for example -- already had built-in audiences.

Zeitchik points out the many possible roadblocks for Salt, including the packed schedules of Angelina Jolie and director Phillip Noyce. The bigger question marks are Sony and Salt's producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and whether or not Salt will make money in international territories.
But my answer to the question posed in the title of this post is, "Hell, yes!" Valid complaints were raised about some of Salt's faults, but I was too busy watching Angelia Jolie show why she's one of the best action stars out there. Sure, a friend next to me astutely guessed what Salt would do or who was who as the movie progressed, and some of the dialogue is canned, but I didn't notice because Evelyn Salt was busy using a maxi-pad to bandage her wounds.

Between Noyce and Jolie, I'd see Salt sally forth again and again in theaters, and not just because I like the idea of a lady kicking butt. Angelina Jolie is at her finest doing action, and the stunts choreographed with longtime collaborator Simon Crane are a thing to behold. Twisty spy thrillers are a guilty pleasure that I enjoy indulging, and in a rather disappointing summer, Saltwas one of the few movies I was looking forward to; luckily, it didn't disappoint.

Would you tune in for more Salt-y adventures, or have you seen enough of Evelyn's hijinks? Is she a second-rate Jason Bourne or one you'd pay to see again?
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