Sorry it's been two weeks since the last trailer round-up and poll. I was away. But here are the results of the last Trailer Park voting, in case you didn't see or expect as much: Sucker Punch blew the competition away with 45%. But Catfish has enough people curious to have done well with 21% and second place.

Even without the week off I came home to a whole bunch of trailers debuting this week. Likely because there's a new Julia Roberts movie opening one major theme among them is "bad romance," though not admittedly -- there's unfortunately no Lady Gaga playing over the spots for How Do You Know, Heartbreaker or Love and Other Drugs (or The Romantics, which I left out of the roundup, but you can read Monika's thoughts about it here). Another recurring trend is reunions. Actors from Brokeback Mountain and Overnight Delivery are brought together for new movies, though both are also two of the bad romance flicks.

My top choice for this week is the trailer for Paul Haggis' The Next Three Days, which I'm celebrating for actually making me want to see a Russell Crowe movie again and for showing the film's allowance for Elizabeth Banks to actually look like an actress instead of a hot funny lady (not that I ever mind her being a hot funny lady, but she's got other talents). I'm also attracted to the story, which is like The Man Who Wasn't There meets Prison Break meets The Rock (with Liam Neeson kind of in the Connery role) -- and of course the French film Pour elle, of which its a remake.

Check out the trailer for The Next Three Days as well as this week's rankings and poll after the jump.

1. The Next Three Days- Can you get over your dislike for Paul Haggis for this? I think I can. [Yahoo!]

2. Enter the Void- Much more accessible than the NSFW French trailer we saw back in April. IFC is smartly making Gaspar Noe's psychedelic trip to an afterlife fantasy seem more linear than it really is, and it masks the first-person perspective pretty well before getting into the surreal drug- and death-induced visual splendor. I just saw the film a few days ago but this has me wanting to see it again. [iTunes]

3. A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop - Doesn't seem as visually breathtaking as other Zhang Yimou films and last year's foreign trailer showed us more of the ridiculous tone, but I'm super psyched about this Chinese remake of Blood Simple. I hope it becomes a trend in the East to rework the Coen brothers. Wong Kar-wai could do The Hudsucker Proxy while Hou Hsiao-Hsien should take on The Big Lebowski. [YouTube]

4. Skyline (Teaser) - How is Universal not fittingly opening this alien invasion flick on Columbus Day weekend? A November release just has me anticipating that the space invaders and native Earthlings will ultimately have a peacemaking feast. [iTunes]

5. Daydream Nation- Is someone wishing Kat Dennings was as well-regarded as Carey Mulligan? Because this intriguing-by-way-of-perplexing trailer seems like a mix of those for An Education and Never Let Me Go. I'm reminded a bit of Enter the Void, too, with the strippers and the flying kid. [YouTube]

6. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster - We've seen documentaries about great directors and about screenwriting. Now it's time to look at movie poster artists. Well, just one, the only one who has come closest to being a household name (definitely in my household, since I come from a family of illustrators): Drew Struzan. You're definitely familiar with his art (ET, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter). The only thing in the trailer that might turn you off is George Lucas' neck. It looks even more puffed out than usual. []

7. Freakonomics- They're really marketing this on the success of and to readers of the best-selling non-fiction book, and they do it well in that respect. Those who've read it and want to see literal illustrations will see that they can get that here. And there's enough shown of Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady's original segment to promise them something new, as well. [iTunes]

8. How Do You Know- James L. Brooks reunites Overnight Delivery's Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon, but it's his own reunion with Jack Nicholson that we're truly interested in. Meanwhile I've never been so incurious about an Owen Wilson appearance. But it's the music in the background that really has me hating this ad. That and the fact I got excited for an uncredited Matt Damon cameo that turns out is actually just semi-lookalike Domenick Lombardozzi as Wilson's teammate. [Yahoo!]

9. Heartbreaker- I know Erik loves this one, and I'm sure I'll love it too once I see it, but here it's being sold to the worst kind of chick-flick fan (who not only loves Dirty Dancing but loves movies that exploit that love) and I can already see how it plays out on screen and in Hollywood, which is already planning the unnecessary English-language remake. []

10. Love and Other Drugs-
Ed Zwick's adaptation of Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman is a long way from Brokeback Mountain but honestly reunited Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway look more comfortable in their roles here. Is this just another bad romance, though, or will it actually have anything to do with the pharmaceutical expose it's based on? [iTunes]