Update: Both Clooney and Jolie's camps have confirmed that it's not true.

Earlier this summer, not one but two Marilyn Monroe biopics got brewing, because Hollywood is never content with just one biopic at a time. One film would focus on a single week in Marilyn's life as she shot The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier (a project that has Michelle Williams playing the blonde bombshell), while the other project would dig into Joyce Carol Oates' musings over Monroe's inner world, with Naomi Watts tackling Norma Jean.

But who cares about lone weeks and solitary minds when we revisit Monroe's life through the eyes of her dog? Better yet, with one Ms. Angelina Jolie playing the Hollywood icon?
According to the Times (via the Telegraph), author Andrew O'Hagan claims that his novel, The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe will become a feature film with Angelina Jolie playing Monroe, and George Clooney playing Frank Sinatra. The novel follows the final two years of Marilyn's life through the eyes of Maf, the Maltese terrier Frank Sinatra gave her in 1960. (He was originally called "Mafia," in reference to Sinatra's mob ties.) The dog's tale includes meeting men like JFK, and everyday activities like acting classes and a trip to Mexico so Monroe could divorce Arthur Miller.

If this is true, and O'Hagan just let the cat out of the bag early, what do you think of Jolie playing Monroe, of there being a third biopic in the works, and it being from the point of view of her dog? Are we reaching Monroe overkill before she even hits the screen again?
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