Are you ready to see Kristen Bell hit the ballet?

might look all sorts of ridiculous, joke-worthy, and easily forgettable, but that's not stopping ol' Gossip Girl Veronica Mars from looking for more dance-centric cinema. But this time around, it won't be Bell sashaying in the spotlight. Rather than pirouetting and plieing on stage herself, Bell will play the overbearing mom to an awkward young ballerina in the upcoming Dance of the Mirlitons, a new indie similar to the 2006 hit Little Miss Sunshine. And as an added bonus: it was a Black List film in 2005 (meaning it made the list of the best unproduced screenplays in town that year), which is finally getting life once again.
The Hollywood Reporter posts that Bell will star in the black comedy, which was written and will be directed by Evan Greenberg. The story got cooking during the writer's middle school days as a short story, which he then turned into a script while in NYU film school. In 2005, it hit the Black List along the likes of Lars and the Real Girl and Juno, was picked up by Warner Independent, and then fell into limbo when WI closed shop.

Greenberg waited to get the rights back, teamed up with Daniel Dubiecki and Joel Michaely, and then set out to find a mom and secure financing for his feature. Now that Bell is a part of the mix, they're hunting down an unknown young girl to fill out the story about a "slightly overweight ballerina with an overbearing mother who will stop at nothing to become a star. The girl enters a Mean Girls-type environment when she has to prove her worth in class."

I'm not so sure about another young awkward girl getting ravaged by her peers, but I'll wait and see if it offers something new, and hopefully the charm of Sunshine.

Production is scheduled to kick off this winter.
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