As a lifelong fan of horror, gore and exploitation, it's safe to say that I don't shy away from disturbing subject matter or imagery. Some of my acquaintances find it odd that I like sitting down to watch films that will gross me out or feature taboo subject matter that might be upsetting and offensive, but I've always found films that were unsettling, unpleasant and nihilistic to be interesting.

If you share those same interests, then Total Film's new article counting down the 25 Most Disturbing Movies Ever will be something you want to read. The piece highlights 25 films revered for being distressing and controversial. There's a little something for everyone, too. From Gaspar Noe's haunting Irreversible to avant garde fare like Begotten the list runs the gamut. It's multinational (Takashi Miike turns up twice -- although Ichi the Killer is curiously omitted ... ) and filled with films I'd personally recommend ... for the most part.
My only beef with the list is the top choice. I'll not reveal what it is here, but in an article that has the guts to select movies likeGuinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood and the necrophilia themed flicks Aftermath and Nekromantik, the top selection doesn't feel nearly as disturbing. In fact, it feels safe.

That gripe aside, the rest of the list is great. If you're new to these kinds of films, you can use it as a guide for setting up your Netflix queue or just for taking a trip down the old cinematic memory lane. How many of these films have you seen? Which one disturbed you the most? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts.