The Last Song
Nicholas Sparks. Miley Cyrus. I'll hand this one over to reviewer John Gholson: "The Last Song is not one of Sparks' stronger efforts -- a shaggy, rambling screenplay that doesn't have a narrative so much as it loosely assembles a series of moments that Miley Cyrus can storm away from while saying, "You never told me about (fill in the blank)!!!" Though he does say, in the end, that it's "tolerable," that's not much to go on, so Skip It on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Furry Vengeance

It's just not a good day for new, mainstream stuff. If you don't want Miley, you can dig into Brendan Fraser taking on another crappy family comedy. (If not great dramatic roles, couldn't he at least find good family fare?) In her review, Dawn Taylor wrote: "Fraser merely serves as mugging, gibbering foil to a bunch of angry animals who do terrible things to him. Sometimes, movies of this nature are quite funny -- Gore Verbinski's Mouse Hunt comes to mind -- but usually they are not. This one isn't." Skip it on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Temple Grandin
Since the choices are light this week, I'm cheating with a TV telepic, because it gets to show Claire Danes showing off talents she doesn't normally get the chance to reveal, playing the autistic Temple Grandin. Also, it has been nominated for a whopping 15 Primetime Emmys, including: Direction, Casting, Lead Actress, Made for TV Movie, Art Direction, Supporting Actress (Catherine O'Hara and Julia Ormond), and Writing. Buy it and see for yourself.

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The Good, the Bad, the Weird
A Korean comic spaghetti western... This is not the fare you usually hear buzzed about, but I've heard so many good things about this movie that it's at the top of my list this week. In his review, Eugene Novikov wrote: "Though Kim's western pastiche may be insubstantial, it's anything but a drag. It's masterfully directed, legitimately funny, and legitimately fun, thoroughly enjoyable even at an excessive 129 minutes." The "Good" is Woo-sung Jung, the star of The Warrior, the "Bad" is Byung-hun Lee, Storm Shadow in Gi Joe, and the "Weird" is Kang-ho Sun, one of the stars of The Host.Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Nanny McPhee
After hitting shelves in 2006, Nanny McPhee is back to show off her mole in Blu-ray. Basically SuperNanny meets Mary Poppins, the Emma Thompson film receives a great transfer with "exceedingly sharp and colorful" viewing and "excellent" sound, according to

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John Wayne: Ultimate Collection 25 Movies

If you want a collectible tin and a whole lot of dust and swagger this week, John Wayne's "Ultimate Collection" is hitting DVD again for the affordable price of $14.98. On top of the films, there's a documentary by John Ford and a whopping 80 minutes of movie trailers to satisfy your Wayne urges.

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