Looks like the good people of the internet are already hard at work spoofing The Social Network, the upcoming David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin collaboration about Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and the legal battles over who originally created Facebook. It's a strange and very amusing thing to see people so creatively (not sarcasm; these trailer parodies are pretty fun) send up something that hasn't even come out. It signals that now that the Inception meme has created a demand for new DIY movie parodies. And lo, the internet provides what the internet seeks.

After the break, take a look at some parodies of The Social Network's gorgeous trailer, y'know, the one where the Children of the Corn sing Radiohead? Each one is themed around a different popular website, like eBay or Twitter. Each one is funny in their one way. But which one is the best send-up? Find out after the break. If the parody trailers below are any indication, the characteristic things that people remember from The Social Network trailer are: creepy Radiohead cover, the line of dialogue about putting the college experience online, the line about 22,000 hits, the swarm of accusations Zuckerberg faces and the arbitration scene at the end of the trailer.

eBay: The best thing about this parody trailer is the way that the Zuckerberg stand-in is accused of abetting in the sale of crappy pop culture artifacts, like a VHS tape of Cool Runnings. That dig alone is better than any joke about negative feedback.

Myspace: This is probably my favorite parody, though it spoofs the Social Network teaser instead of the trailer. The gag about "22,00...friends," Spam-bots, Photo Bucket, New Metal bands...it's all there.

Twitter: This one is frequently very funny but so snide in the way it scoffs at the very concept of Twitter. It's probably my second favorite of the bunch but it's just so obnoxious at times. And the "Creep" parody song isn't very funny.

YouTube: Mostly an undistinguished spoof, except for the scene with Keyboard Cat. More of that kind of specific humor would've been welcome.

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