Director Brad Anderson hasn't made a lot of feature films, but I've generally enjoyed everything that I've seen -- the chilling Session 9 being my absolute favorite. So, with that kind of track record, it's no real surprise that I'm looking forward to his latest, a new film entitled Vanishing on 7th Street. The first trailer has debuted for the horror mystery -- and we've got it for you after the jump.

Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo star in the film, which follows a group of survivors who hole up in a bar after a blackout causes a huge chunk of the population to simply vanish. It's a new take on the standard end of the world story, one without the requisite zombies that seem to be everywhere these days. The clip sets up the situation (love the crashing plane shot ... ) but does little to explain the mystery -- merely intimating that the darkness is something malevolent, almost like the mist in Frank Darabont's film of the same name.

There may be at least one clue hidden in the trailer -- the word "Croatoan" is written on a bridge. If you're not up your spooky historical stories, Croatoan was the word carved into a tree in the center of an abandoned settlement back in 1597. No one ever figured out what happened to the colonists at Roanoke, but theories abound -- from the plausible (Indians attacked, they moved to another place) to the far more sinister. Hard to tell where Anderson will be taking things with this clue, but it's one more thing that interests me about this flick. Those headed to the Toronto International Film Festival will be lucky enough to get a first look at Vanishing on 7th Street when it plays as part of Midnight Madness. So what's the verdict on this one? Share your thoughts below.

[thanks to Shock for the trailer]
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