Will British actor Andrew Garfield make a good Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony's upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise? Filmmaker David Fincher talked with MTV News about the casting while promoting the animated comic book adaptation The Goon, and he doesn't seem completely sold on the idea. "I can't imagine him in spandex," he confessed while shrugging. "I can't imagine him being comfortable. He's a wonderful actor, he's incredibly skillful and empathic and a lovely guy. So it's nice to see that."

But Fincher, who worked with Garfield on the upcoming Facebook origins movie The Social Network, says the reboot overall is "risky," noting that they didn't get a "conventional" director -- (500) Days of Summer's Marc Webb is helming the next installment -- and are going at it in a new way. Which he doesn't see as a bad thing. "They're rolling the dice. I think that's always exciting." Just not enough for him to be the one on board. Fincher admits to having met with Sony about doing Spider-Man 4 but "easily" got himself out of doing it because he just can't buy into the whole "getting bit by a radioactive spider" thing.
Concepts Fincher has instead been able to work with include a reverse-aging man (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), an alien on the loose in an outer space prison (Alien³) and a ... well, you all know the ending of Fight Club without me having to spoil it again, right? The filmmaker does at least get to go after a huge fanbase soon by directing the Hollywood adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I guess we can't look forward to Lisbeth Salander suddenly having super powers in this version?
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