There are actors who fade from the spotlight and cinema altogether, and there are those who fade from the spotlight and still keep working, without most people having any clue. Joey Lawrence is one of the latter. There was a time when he was the Joe, somehow always finding work as characters named "Joey," whether for a long stint on Gimme a Break! or playing the oafish brother on Blossom.

He never stopped acting -- mainly finding random TV gigs -- but now he's not only teaming up with the old teenage witch for a new ABC Family show (once again, Melissa & Joey), but also an indie action film with Wesley Snipes, of all things.
As the show becomes ABC Family's biggest launch ever, and as he wraps up some romantic action comedy called Hit List, Variety reports that he's teaming up with Snipes and Michael Dudikoff for a new action flick called Havana Heat. The movie will focus on a Guantanomo agent for Homeland Security, who's murdered while undercover in Havana -- "where betrayal and intrigue take place against a backdrop of crumbling colonial architecture and vintage American cars." Dun, dun, dun.

This gem is coming from the man who wrote and helmed Blonde and Blonder -- Dean Hamilton -- with mixed martial arts dude Heath Herring joining on the roster, along with Zulay Henao, Lorena Rincon, Raul Julia-Levy, and Bollywood star Nicholas Brown. There will be a quick turnaround on this flick, as it's getting made at the end of the year for release next summer, and while you might wonder how Snipes' legal turmoil will affect things, execs seem sure that it will all be resolved before shooting.

Color my crappy action flick urges intrigued!
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