I've seen a lot of strange, cinema-centric fan projects in my time. Thanks to the Internet, we've now got access to loads of fanatic fervor that stretches well beyond some Trekkies meeting up for conventions every year. We've shared Jar Jar Binks Salads, Twilight character embryos, and my favorite -- also from the sparkly vamp realm -- Bella's felted womb.

But this latest fan goodie is of an entirely different (but just as strange) vein. We've seen Robert Downey Jr. as a teen jerk, a reincarnated man, Charlie Chaplin, Iron Man, and even Sherlock Holmes. What I never expected to see was RDJ, Pin-Up Girl, playing with his hair, showing off his femme curvature, and arching his back just so to offer the most titillation possible.

There's a blog called "Pinup RDJ." The site states: "Vintage pinups are the pinnacle of art. Robert Downey Jr. is the pinnacle of sexy. It's not rocket science."

Of course, he's not secretly playing pin-up at home, where someone sneaks a shot through an open window. These shots find Robert's head Photoshopped onto different pin-up bodies. What's particularly notable is not how realistic they look or not how fake, but rather how naturally his faces fit with the bodies they're attached to. A large part of me hopes that he gets wind of this and decides to partake in an actual photo shoot to tap into his inner beauty. Even with a beard, he makes for a pretty shnazzy lady.

The above image are just brief blips of many of the larger shots on the blog. Hit the above link to check them out for yourself, and weigh in below: Is RDJ your type of pinup girl?

[via Jezebel]
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