Jim JarmuschJim Jarmusch was casually chatting with Pitchfork about the All Tomorrow's Parties NY music shindig he is curating this year and gave them some delicious scoops of news about some upcoming projects of his. As Jarmusch notes, last year he curated the film section of ATP NY, so they invited him back to work on the music as well. It's an interesting crossover since many of the musicians he picked for ATP NY have been involved in his films, like RZA and GZA, who were in that amazing scene with Bill Murray in Coffee and Cigarettes.

Music and musicians are a huge part of his films; for instance, Down by Law stars Tom Waits and John Lurie, and Jarmusch's friend Iggy Pop shows up in Dead Man. As he explains, "When I started out making films, I was a musician. I knew more musical people, really, than film people. So in my early films, a lot of my friends were in them, and a lot of them were musicians."

The reporter struck a little vein of gold for us fans of Jarmusch and his ubercool films, because the director also had a lot to say about a few upcoming projects. One long-term project is a doc on The Stooges, which is "something Iggy asked me to do." It's hard to say no to those abs, I'm sure. He's co-writing an opera about Nikola Tesla, as you do. Oh, and his new band might score some silent films. (No word on whether or not Jarmusch will be involved in making those silent films or not.)

But what's got my mouth watering is a film he alludes to that has Tilda Swinton (who previously worked with Jarmusch on Broken Flowers and The Limits of Control), Michael Fassbender, and Mia Wasikowska attached. Financing isn't solid yet, but damn, who wouldn't invest in a movie with that trio directed by Jarmusch? If I had the cash, I'd pony up myself. Jarmusch is aiming for a shoot "early next year." Fassbender has an especially full plate of projects coming up, like X-Men: First Class and Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. He's also in the middle of shooting A Dangerous Method. Meanwhile, Wasikowska's next project, Restless, will come out on January 28, 2011, according to Collider. Naturally, Swinton's plate is also full, with several movies in post-production (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and We Need to Talk About Kevin) and others that are in the "pre-production" (aka rumor) phase. Interestingly enough, Fassbender and Wasikowska are costarring in Jane Eyre, which will open in select cities on March 11, 2011. Whenever these talented folks will be able to sync their schedules is anyone's guess.

(Thanks to The Playlist for their eagle eyes!)
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