Last week's Trailer Park poll ended with a tie. Funny thing is, it was between my favorite trailer, for The Next Three Days, and my least favorite, for Love and Other Drugs. Each took 30% of your votes while Enter the Void came in third place with 16%.

Another trailer for Love and Other Drugs -- an international one -- has shown up this week and it makes the film look a little more appealing by selling it more as a drama than a bad romantic comedy. But it also features a lot of the same footage as the domestic spot I showcased last week so I'm not including it. Feel free to watch it elsewhere.

Because one of the big movies opening this week is Piranha 3D, the trailer trend of the week is bad-looking horror flicks. There's even a trailer for a documentary about Filipino grindhouse horror movies of the '70s. I'm not much of a scary movie guy to begin with, but I especially hate horror movie ads -- so again, I'm not including the majority of them in my rankings.

Another surprising mini-trend of the week: black swans. One of the examples is obvious, Black Swan, and it gets my vote for the week's best. To figure out which other film features the dark bird, be sure to watch all the trailers listed after the jump (hint: it's not a horror flick).
1. Black Swan - I'm not a fan of Natalie Portman at all, but she looks really great in this Single White Female meets Swan Lake. Also, I love that Darren Aronofsky seems to be doing for Barbara Hershey what he did for Ellen Burstyn. Hopefully this gets her an Oscar nomination, too. [iTunes]

2. Another Year- Looks like another Mike Leigh film, which is great if you like Mike Leigh films, as I definitely do. It reminds me most of All of Nothing, which might be my favorite Leigh. This one stars regular players Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen, Lesley Manville and Imelda Staunton.

3. I'm Still Here - I can't wait for the narrative remake -- hopefully retitled Mountain Top Water Drop -- starring Zach Galifianakis, with Diddy returning as himself. [Moviefone]

4. The Eye of the Storm- Director Fred Schepisi can be hit or miss, but who can resist the trio of talent here with Judy Davis, Charlotte Rampling and Geoffrey Rush? [Twitch]

5. Machete Maidens Unleashed!- A documentary about Filipino exploitation cinema of the 1970s with interviews from Joe Dante, Roger Corman and John Landis. And lots of blood, breasts and beasts ("the three Bs"). The above trailer is definitely NSFW, and not only does it sell me on the doc but also on all the B-movies shown and discussed. [Twitch]

6. Monsters- The buzz on this has me believing it's better than how the trailer sells it, which is leads me to believe it's a Cloverfield knockoff. [iTunes]

Vanishing on 7th Street- At first I was disappointed with seeing Hayden Christensen instead of a cute cheerleader and her tough-girl sister, but Brad Anderson's latest looks good and creepy so I'm not upset it's not exactly the Night of the Comet remake I've been waiting for. [Shock Till You Drop]

8. Fair Game- The only way this movie could look more boring is if its trailer just featured Naomi Watts reading Valerie Plame's book -- and not out loud. Who else would rather watch the other Fair Game starring Cindy Crawford? [YouTube]

9. Nice Guy Johnny- The crotch-punching kid from Adventureland hangs out with a hot girl and maybe gets a kiss from her. Is there anything else to Ed Burns' new movie? [Yahoo!]

10. Case 39- What's scarier, the CG bees attacking Bradley Cooper or the thought of living with Renee Zellweger? It's no wonder this film has been sitting on a shelf for years. [iTunes]

Other new trailers seen this week: My Soul to Take; Little Fockers; Hatchet 2; Dylan Dog: Dead of Night; Night of the Demons; The Snow White