I don't know about you, but I'm really in need of a good laugh. Naturally, I decided to turn to the one scene -- ever -- that made me fall off the couch in laughter. Up to that point, I'd been teasing my one friend who fell out of her movie seat and rolled around on the sticky floor when we caught a glimpse of zipper penis in There's Something About Mary.

But then I saw Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. For the most part, the film offered the usual chuckles. But then, as they listened to the pop hits from the early '90s and "Hold On" came on ...
The scene of them belting out the famous Wilson Phillips song hit me in just the right place. Their quest for tunes is just perfect as the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" cover makes the duo laugh, before they can't help but sway a little with Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby," and then let the spot-on lip-synching pour out for "Hold On."

There's this strange twist that happens ten or twenty years after music is popular. There are tunes you hated, and will be the first to chastise. But when they play later, they somehow tap into that bit of nostalgia yearning for the "good ol' days." I can't explain it, but it happens. Before you know it, you're singing along, and not begrudgingly so. I loathed Kris Kross when they burst on the scene, but now, they actually make me giggle. In this case, it also helps that a certain parental unit played that damned Wilson Phillips tape on repeat one summer, long ago.

But enough chatter about it. It's time to laugh:

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