Rarely a day goes by when Angelina Jolie's name doesn't pop up somewhere. This woman is not only rumored for just about every project out there, but she's actually in talks for half of them. But most of the projects were revealed to be nothing more than chatter at this point, as Jolie explained to MTV last month. Maleficent is "being discussed," Cleopatra will come if "we can do something original," Kay Scarpetta fare is "very in development," and Serena, well, she's "talked about it."

But now it looks like the actress has found herself a sure bet -- a love story set during the Bosnian War.
Reuters reports that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for them) has issued a statement that she will star in an upcoming movie. Shooting this fall, it will center on a couple who meet just before war broke out in 1992, and how the war (which stretched to 1995) affected* their relationship. In the statement, Jolie said: "The film is a love story, not a political statement." I guess she also won't throw on a wig, grab a gun, and race around Sarajevo bringing peace herself.

Though the film will focus on romance, the actress is currently in Sarajevo prepping for the film and meeting with officials to help returning war refugees. The plan is to pepper the film with many actors from the former Yugoslavia, and Jolie says: "I would like to involve as many local people as possible and learn as much as I can."

One part of me wants to let off on a little rant about almost every frickin' historical movie getting a romantic twist, but this is Hollywood, and they love added romantic intrigue in where they can. The only question is whether Jolie's name will raise the project to U.S. fame. A Mighty Heart barely made its money back worldwide, while Changeling didn't become a success until it went beyond U.S. borders.

Are you ready for more Jolie drama?

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