Ready for the next superhero movie to begin casting? You know it's going to be another obnoxious process of rumors and shortlists, but isn't it fun being able to chime in on possible players? It may indeed allow us all to influence decisions and be a part of the development, or at least seem so. Now it's the Fantastic Four reboot, which Screen Rant assures us will not be titled Fantastic Four Reborn, as we've been hearing.

First up is Mr. Fantastic, aka Reed Richards, who is said to be stretched between two possible actors, Oscar-winner Adrien Brody(The Pianist) and The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers, according to Screen Rant's sources. Both are Fox's "pursuits" and nothing more, but it's at least clear the studio is going for the tradition of "high-profile" talent audiences are expecting from superhero movies lately. I kind of hate the idea of Brody being an elastic superhero, but I think this would be the one he's best-suited for (he's also apparently linked to Ant-Man rumors), as the character could be sort of like a mix of his recent roles in Splice and Predators, both of which were done surprisingly well. Especially compared to how uncomfortable with and unsuited for action he seemed in King Kong.
As for his squeeze, Sue Storm/Richards, aka Invisible Woman, we'd heard last week that X-Men: First Class quitter Alice Eve is in talks for the role but that she's more likely to do The Avengers., which shared that claim now throws Amber Heard(Pineapple Express) into the mix of contenders for the role. They say she's met with Fox several times about the gig but also the studio isn't moving forward on this next FF movie until they see how First Class does. In the meantime, they also share a rumored name for Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch: Kevin Pennington, who may only be known for a four-episode run on 90210. As for The Thing, that fourth member of the superhero team will be completely computer-generated but they'll have to cast someone to play the human form of Ben Grimm and possibly do the motion-captured performance, too.

Any thoughts on these or suggestions for others to be considered for the new Fanastic Four?
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