For a while, Carey Mulligan's name was circling David Fincher's remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But now that Rooney Mara has that gig, it's time for the An Education star to look elsewhere. Though she's got Violet and Daisy (think Thelma and Louise-meets-Superbad-meets-Pulp Fiction), On Chesil Beach (a honeymoon drama), and Stoker (with Jodie Foster) on the way, Mulligan is looking for some bigger thrills.

Instead of playing a tattooed hero battling misogyny, Mulligan is negotiating to co-star in Drive, an action thriller that's been in the works since 2006.
THR's Risky Business reports that Mulligan is currently in negotiations to star alongside Ryan Gosling, with Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) also circling the project. The film follows a "nameless Hollywood stuntman (Gosling) who moonlights as a freelance getaway driver during robberies. When a bank heist goes wrong, he ends up on the run with a contract on his head and an ex-con's girlfriend (Mulligan) in his car." Back in '06 when this project first started gaining speed, it was Hugh Jackman's gig. He was still around -- as both star and producer -- in 2008, but earlier this year, Ryan Gosling took over the wheel.

Naturally, sitting in the passenger's seat and playing a bad guy's girlfriend -- possibly titillated by the hunk in the drivers' seat -- is not new fare, and certainly not as interesting as Dragon Tattoo. That being said, not every typical-sounding action thriller grabs Hugh Jackman first, and Ryan Gosling next. There's got to be something extra-intriguing to this affair, to nab two Oscar nominees.

It won't be another four years to find out, luckily. Production begins in Los Angeles next month.
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