One of the most interesting entertainment phenomenons of the past few years is the concept of "jumping the shark" -- the moment where a film, franchise, television series, or other form of popular entertainment does something so ridiculous that audiences know it's all downhill from there. It's the moment where the creative people behind a movie or program basically throw in the towel, saying "This is it, we've got nothing left to give so you're stuck with this outlandish crap from here forward." The phrase's history is well documented, tying back to season five episode of Happy Days where Fonzi water ski-jumps over a real live shark. Fans point out this moment as essentially the "beginning of the end" for Happy Days -- and now the event is cited to signal similar moments in other shows and films.

So, with that in mind, came up with a list of the top ten movie franchise destroying moments -- or moments where a film or film franchise jumped the shark. There are no shortage of potential titles for the list, but they've done a nice job of picking out ten that are particularly annoying -- even if they're from films that aren't really part of a franchise (Wolverine and Doomsday, I'm looking at you).

Hit the jump to check out some of the titles that made the list.
Featuring titles like the newest Karate Kid (I'd argue that this franchise jumped the shark in Karate Kid Part III personally -- Martin Kove is back and is friends with a military buddy played by Thomas Ian Griffith who is clearly at least fifteen years younger than him ... ), Spider-Man 3 (Peter goes emo ... ), and the CGI Arnie in Terminator: Salvation, it's hard to argue against any of these choices. I'll give you a hint about what takes the top spot -- it involves a refrigerator.

The real question is, why do filmmakers do this stuff? Are they lazy, or greedy, or both? And what about us as fans? Are we so desperate for more adventures with our favorite characters that we're willing to risk our beloved franchises jumping the shark rather than allowing them to end on a high note? Share your thoughts on these questions and the list in general -- including other titles that were worthy of inclusion and why -- below.