Teen queen Miley Cyrus, who has made a fortune with her Disney show Hannah Montana and countless tie-ins, including a 3D movie of a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert tour, is going to show us she's not just another pop star from the Mouse House. After her turn in the soggy Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song, she's since gone on to release a "racy" music video for her single "Can't Be Tamed," which features a woman with a bird cage on her head as a hat and Cyrus as a winged sexpot being held in a cage who breaks out and wreaks havoc in a museum.

Her next stop on the "Screw You, I'm a Grown-Up!" tour is the movie LOL (Laughing Out Loud), which is based on a French movie of the same name. Both movies were directed by Lisa Azuelos, who wrote the screenplay for the French version and co-wrote the screenplay for this adaptation. I haven't seen the original, so I don't know if it's any good. Have you?
HollywoodLife.com has apparently seen a copy of the script (and PopEater has a snap from the movie), and it reads a bit like Thirteen mixed with Showgirls. In the film, Cyrus "loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses one of her two best female friends on the lips, gets wasted and accidentally shows her mom, Ann, (Demi Moore) her Brazilian wax."

Meanwhile, Moore is saddled with lines like, "You're my daughter... And I won't let you turn into a porn star!"

Some are comparing this stab at a bad girl makeover to Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and other Disney gals who went to their dark sides, but none of those gals had daddies like Billy Ray to make sure their achy-breaky hearts didn't stray too far from the fold. Is this all a family-approved move at making sure Cyrus stays relevant as she ages out of the Disney market? Is Cyrus talented enough to escape the long shadow of Hannah Montana?

Let's not forget that despite the unending legal and personal troubles, Lohan is actually a pretty good actress, and instead of reveling in the tabloid frenzy, some are actually hoping she'll eventually make a Robert Downey Jr.-like comeback. Does Cyrus have the chops to begin with -- or material that will give her the opportunity to show 'em off?

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