Back in 2007 geriatrician David Dosa submitted an article to the New England Journal of Medicine chronicling the track record of Oscar, a therapy cat at his nursing home who had accurately predicated the death of some 25 patients. Naturally a story of that nature made its way online with a quickness, putting innocent little Oscar in the spotlight pretty much over night. No one was able to conclusively prove how or why the normally anti-social feline was choosing the people he would curl up next to, but the nurses and doctors did put stock in the growing correlation between his visits and the passing of a patient. It reached the point where the staff would actually phone a family member if Oscar was spotted spending time with their loved one.

By the time 2010 rolled around Oscar had accurately predicted the death of some fifty-plus patients, which was more than enough motivation for Dr. Dosa to turn his original article into a book. And now it looks like that book, Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat, is getting turned into a movie.
Screenwriters Stephen Lindsey and Luis Ugaz have taken Dosa's book and pitched an adaptation of it to Wind Dancer Films and Anonymous Content who have now partnered to bring the film [via Gordon and the Whale] to the big screen. No director or cast have been chosen at this point, but both outfits have assigned a number of producers to the project to get the ball rolling. And while the untitled film will be Oscar's first depiction on the big screen, it's actually not the first time his story has ended up in front of cameras; the comforting omen was the inspiration for an episode of House (though, naturally, House was able to figure out why he was making the predictions).

Personally, I think Oscar's story is a fascinating one. I love that Dosa's approach to it has always been to explore how this unique cat has affected, for better or worse, his relationship with patients and his practice, but I fear that's not what Lindsay and Ugaz's script will be about. I can easily see this veering toward super sappy, saccharine-to-the-max Movie of the Week territory, which is not something that interests me one bit. Hopefully that doesn't end up being the case.

But what say you? Have you read Making Rounds With Oscar? Do you think it lends itself well to the big screen?

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