I love that well-established filmmakers are directing commercials. As long as we must be advertised to, why not make the ads interesting and somewhat like short films? I know that's what Jason Batemen and Will Arnett have said they're going for with their comedic Orbit commercials, and Frank Miller's new Speed Racer meets Sin City Gucci ad, for which we've seen a trailer, appears to be going after the Comic-Con crowd (will there be more designer handbags in San Diego next summer?)

Now Martin Scorsese gives us a cool new ad for the Chanel fragrance Bleu, which The Playlist likens to a Wes Anderson script (specifically the Darjeeling Limited-based short Hotel Chevalier, I assume), but which also reminds me more of Sofia Coppola's latest, Somewhere. And of course there's a bit of a Blow-Up homage in there. Maybe a hint of 8 1/2?

The commercial stars French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who you may know best as the young Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising or fittingly as fellow Chanel hawker Audrey Tautou's lost love in A Very Long Engagement. It's a fast-paced montage set during a press conference as an actor recalls a love affair. Predictably, the soundtrack is The Rolling Stones (with "She Said Yeah."). Watch it after the jump.
It's fine, beautifully shot, but otherwise nothing special. Nothing I feel we haven't seen before. Then again, I'm also spoiled by my love for Scorsese's brilliant, spot-on Hitchcock tribute (better than Shutter Island even) with his commercial for Freixenet wine. Maybe if he'd focused his homage again this time? At least he doesn't show up and try to be funny the way he does in self-parodying ads for American Express and AT&T.