Take Before Sunrise or Before Sunset, make it a little more raw, a little more dysfunctional, and a lot more bitchy and sarcastic and you've got Julie Delpy's 2007 comedy 2 Days in Paris. The film followed Delpy's Marion and Adam Goldberg's Jack as they visited Paris and fell into romantic turmoil when faced with French customs, Marion's parents, a certain nude snapshot, and most importantly, Marion's many exes.

Earlier this year, Delpy announced a sequel -- 2 Days in New York -- where Jack is out, a baby is in, and Marion has a new lover. Thinking of Jack and Marion's bickering ways, and I mused that maybe Chris Eigeman could take on the gig. Their banter would be brilliant! But when she said "well-known US actor," it looks like she might have meant it and found a whole other Chris entirely.

Though who he'll play has not been announced, Chris Rock has joined the cast.
This news comes courtesy of the teasingly brief Production Weekly twitter feed. Quite simply, they just stated: "Chris Rock has joined the cast of Julie Delpy's 2 Days In New York, which is scheduled to begin production in October."

Chris Rock and Julie Delpy ... Could he really be playing her lover? It's hard to imagine Papa Pootie Tang diving into dysfunctional romance with a strong-willed French woman. If not her lover, what role could he play? If the sequel takes the same bend as the original, most attention is focused on the couple, so could it just be nothing more than a cameo, an ex-boyfriend, or a boss perhaps?

The news is also making me try to think of an even more unlikely suitor for Mama Marion. Sly Stallone, maybe? Morgan Freeman?

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