I think most movie nerds of a certain age have long dreamed of seeing the future tech from Back to the Future Part II become a reality. Most of those dreams probably surrounded wanting a hoverboard of our own, but I've seen more than a few people grow an obsession for Marty McFly's future fashion. You can already buy a replica of his stylin', color changing baseball hat, but any true BTTF2 fan knows that the real must-have item is a pair of McFly's Nike Air Mag shoes with power laces. Because, after all, tying your own shoes is for chumps.

Well start dropping some change in your piggy bank, because Nike has plans for turning the shoe into a reality. Well, at least the concept of it.
The website NiceKicks.com took notice of Nike filing for a patent on shoes with an automated lacing system. Now, of course it's not referred to as "power laces", but it does have more than just the comment in common with McFly's Air Mags. Just take a look at one of the patent's diagrams:

It looks an awful lot like the one in the picture above. So either a sweet pair of Air Mags are in our future, or someone at Nike has a great sense of humor. Either way, it's a pretty neat find.

(Thanks, @matthalthill!)

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