For the last eleven years, we've gotten quite used to seeing the Oscar telecast on Sunday nights in March, as the air begins to warm and winter once again slips away. Parties are whipped up, hors d'oeuvres are put out, and people come together to cheer and mock the pomp and circumstance behind Hollywood's biggest night.

But then word hit that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences were entertaining the notion of moving the ceremony to January, pushing it into the mid-winter rush instead of the end of winter slump. And now there's another change in the works ... although this one was bred out of necessity rather than change: The Oscars could end up moving back to Monday nights in 2013.
As Variety reports, the Academy is facing some scheduling hassles due to the NFL. Since professional football pulls in such great ratings, a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is being negotiated to add two more games to the regular season. If that happens, the Super Bowl would move to later in February, or possibly even early March.

To avoid conflicts with pro football's big night, the Academy is considering moving the ceremony back to Monday nights -- the day it used to be held before changing in 1999. Currently, exec director Bruce Davis says: "I think our inclination would be to go earlier rather than later, but we need to see. There's no rule it has to be on a Sunday. ... We're looking at a lot of different options." Those options include discussing the football interference with the NFL, who aren't likely to give the matter much mind: "It's hard for them to take us into consideration."

Could this hurt or help Hollywood's big night? Or more importantly, will it screw up your party plans?
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