The mix of Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey in American Beauty was wonderful. Fueled by the script from future Six Feet Under/True Blood creator Alan Ball, Spacey's Lester Burnham mixed perfect amounts of dysfunction, discontent, rebirth, and futility into one man struggling to take hold of his life. The film commanded the Oscars, winning almost all of the lead nominations it was given (Leading Actor, Cinematography, Director, Writing, and Picture), losing only three (Best Actress, Editing, and Music).

Now there's some killer news: The pair are reuniting for a new project -- Shakespeare, no less! But there's bad news to go right along with it. They're reuniting for the stage, not the screen.
Deadline reports that Mendes will direct Spacey in a production of William Shakespeare's Richard III, which will stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theater in 2012. The timing, obviously, leaves room for Mendes to figure out what he's doing with his stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and in the film world, On Chesil Beach and maybe -- if the money woes fall away -- MGM's latest James Bond film. Though there's time to still film 007's latest tale, it leads one to wonder if Mendes is just que sera-ing the whole affair and moving on.

One of Shakespeare's history plays, Richard III focuses on the man's murderous ascent into power as he kills anyone who stands in the way of what he wants -- men, women, and children. It's considered one of Shakespeare's greatest works, and was most recently adapted in 1995. Beauty co-star Annette Bening even co-starred alongside Ian McKellen's Richard, with Jim Broadbent, Robert Downey Jr., and other notable talents in lead roles.

Though a solid adaptation of the play is in Hollywood's fairly recent past, it would be nice to see the pair take the story to the big screen, since we've been waiting for a reunion for eleven years now. But there are some other possibilities. First, THR adds that production will start in Brooklyn and end up in London, but Spacey and Mendes could also employ the increasingly popular satellite theater to share the production beyond the big cities, so we don't miss their creative follow-up to American Beauty. I'd hit the local megaplex to get a peek.

Then, just maybe, they'll take another story to the big screen (and as an added bonus, take Alan Ball along for the ride too). Though Spacey is still a respected name in the business, none of his subsequent work has had the same lasting power and appreciation of Beauty (alongside his two other stellar '90s roles in The Usual Suspects and L.A. Confidential). Mendes, meanwhile, has seen his career continue to grow, so now seems like the prime time for a reunion on the screen.

Is there any story or theme you'd like to see the pair (or trio) tackle? Muse away below!
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