If there's one thing I want to pluck off my to-do list and move to my have-done list in the very near future, it's underground supper clubs. Rather than going out to a fancy restaurant to gorge on any old meal, many are falling victim to the lure of secret, one-of-a-kind foodie adventures. Not advertised or set in one locale day after day, these clubs exist outside the law (no food inspections and stringent guidelines apply), moving from place to place and often offering up unique fare you'd rarely see on a regular old menu. Sign up, wait, and soon you're dining with a handful of strangers in an intimate locale. Sometimes it's just straight-forward chef creations, and sometimes it's something you might not be used to, like horse, or maybe crunchy l'il insects.

Naturally, Hollywood wants in, and they see it as the perfect venue for horror.
reports that Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, Descent, Centurion) will direct a horror thriller written by David Cohen called Underground. Set in the world of gourmet underground supper clubs, producers say the lead will be "an ambitious young chef who ventures into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine."

Since this is a horror movie, chances are we're not talking about Iron Chef-type fare. Something tells me this will be a whole lot more like Delicatessen, or maybe the chef will jokingly serve "soylent green," with the twist being whatever green fare it is -- it's really people! I can't think of any other twist that would make supper clubs a palpable horror thriller. Improperly cooked food leads to an insidious outbreak of salmonella? MSG is added to everything making a horde of foodie zombies desperate for great flavor? Sharp knives lead to a lopped off digit that makes its way into the food ... and people love it, creating a wild trend for human meat?

Where will the horror be in extreme cuisine?
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