More than half the votes in last week's Trailer Park poll went to expected winner Black Swan (with 57%). There is definitely a lot of interest in Darren Aronofsky's latest, far more than any of the other nine films. I am a bit surprised to see the Joaquin Phoenix documentary I'm Still Here garnering so few votes and coming in seventh place (4.1%), though I am glad to see people were into second-place winner, Machete Maidens Unleashed! (10.8%).

This weekend saw the release of The Last Exorcism so it makes sense that we saw a lot of creepy trailers for horror films this week, many of them on Horror Squad rather than here at Cinematical. By coincidence only, I think, are the timely debuts of trailers for the non-horror film 127 Hours, which at least has a gruesome element to it, and the documentary Inside Job, which features a blurb calling it a scarier movie than anything Wes Craven and John Carpenter have ever made. Both of these films were my top two favorites of the week.

Another commonality among this crop of trailers is many of them are screening at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. These include those first two titles, as well as Adam Wingard's An Awful Way to Die, Guillem Morales' Julia's Eyes and Stephen Frears' Tamara Drewe. Meanwhile, this week's big star is Danny Glover, who appears in two new trailers -- Age of the Dragonsand Legendary.

See this week's trailer rankings and vote for your favorite after the jump.
1. 127 Hours- As a longtime Danny Boyle fan I think it's great to see this trailer reference most of his past films. But why no love for A Life Less Ordinary or his debut, Shallow Grave? Out of all Boyle's titles, this so far reminds me most of the beginning of The Beach, but of course it goes in a very different direction. It's a perfect teaser for setting up the terrifying situation for James Franco's character without giving too much away (though you may have heard how the true story went). [iTunes]

2. Inside Job- Charles Ferguson does for the financial crisis what he did for the Iraq occupation in the brilliantly exhaustive No End in Sight. Looks like a bold and thorough examination of what happened and how. After watching this trailer, it's moved up even higher on my list of most anticipated films of the fall. [iTunes]

3. Age of the Dragons- Awful title, but great idea to adapt Moby Dick into a movie about a dragon hunt. Not including animated films, this could be the coolest dragon movie since Reign of Fire. [YouTube]

4. A Horrible Way to Die- It's hard to tell what this thriller is about by the trailer, but I'm curious to see Joe Swanberg and his goofy grin appearing in something so dark. I'll agree with others in saying it looks pretty intense, but it also looks more conventional than I've heard it actually is. If it ends up being any good (it's premiering at Toronto), a new trailer with review blurbs will be key. [Heat Vision]

5. The Love of the Hawthorn Tree[International Trailer] - Just as Zhang Yimou's Blood Simple remake, A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop, is about to open in the U.S., here's an early, barely subtitled look at his next film, which is clearly simpler, more romantic and more historical. Set during the Cultural Revolution, it seems more similar to Zhang's early films, though it also appears to lack the cinematographic spectacle and vibrancy of his best-known works. That could just be a quality issue with the video upload. [YouTube]

6. The Freebie- A familiar hypothetical situation is explored in this indie drama about a couple who agree they can each have a one night stand in order to save their sexless marriage. I had a little crush on director/star Katie Aselton (aka Mrs. Mark Duplass, who produced) in The Puffy Chair (and her brief moment on The Office), and I feel I'll be just as charmed by her in this. Dax Shepard, I'm not so sure. [Yahoo!]

7. Julia's Eyes[International trailer] - Reminds me a little too much of The Eye, but if you like The Orphanage and its star, Belen Rueda, you'll probably like this new Spanish horror-thriller from producer Guillermo Del Toro. The trailer is now subtitled and a bit NSFW. [ShockTilYouDrop]

8. Tamara Drewe - Is this based on a comic book? Because the font and titles used in the trailer make it seem so. I'm just glad this U.S. version of Stephen Frears' comedy doesn't market it as a cliche-ridden rom-com like the previously seen UK trailer did. [Yahoo!]

9. Exorcismus - Perfect timing for marketing to Last Exorcism audiences. Want more British accents and bugs in your possession horror? Here you go. [Twitch]

10. Legendary- I really love Patricia Clarkson, could watch her in almost anything, especially after seeing her in the upcoming Easy A. But I might have to draw the line with this wrestling drama starring John Cena as Clarkson's estranged son who along with Danny Glover teaches the sport to his scrawny little brother. [YouTube]

This week we also saw African zombies in The Dead, Cuban zombies in Juan of the Deadand French zombies in The Horde.