Though it was training Eric Roberts and acting in Runaway Train that gave ex-con Danny Trejo his big break into the Hollywood biz, the actor's fame is a family affair. His cousin happens to be Robert Rodriguez, who started casting Trejo in films very early in his career (Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn). But when Robert made the killer "Machete" trailer for Grindhouse, it led Trejo to a killer starring role in this week's full-length feature, Machete.

And as Trejo gears up for the action spotlight at the ripe age of 66, he's also gearing up to let his son lead him in a new indie film called Skinny Dip alongside Michelle Rodriguez.
While doing press for his new film, Trejo told LA Times' 24 Frames that his son Gilbert Trejo is producing, and likely co-directing alongside Frankie Latina, Skinny Dip. He didn't share too much about the feature, who they'll play, nor if Michelle Rodriguez will be the next lady to skinny dip with the "first Latino superhero." He did, however, explain that this is a revenge film about a young woman who kills a cop.

Obviously, this won't be a huge feature. Latina's first film, the 2009 action flick Modus Operandi (about a CIA agent hunting down his wife's murderer) probably came and went without you noticing. And Gilbert's movie career only stretches as far as firing missiles during the climax of Machete. But mixing Trejo and Rodriguez, after big-screen Machete (not to mention Rodriguez's time on Avatar), is sure to push the affair a little closer to the spotlight.

And, let's face it -- keeping it in the family has worked wonderfully for Trejo, so this could be his next step forward ... or at least one more ridiculous action flick to enjoy.
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