While no official casting has been announced by 20th Century Fox, rumors of contenders for roles in the Fantastic Four reboot have been making their way online, with names previously mentioned as top possibilities for three of the main heroes, Mr. Fantastic (Adrien Brody), Invisible Woman (Alice Eve) and Human Torch (Kevin Pennington). Now here's someone being linked to The Thing: Bruce Willis. According to ComicBookMovie.com the Die Hard star is wanted to play Ben Grimm on screen during the opening credits sequence, which will quickly present the team's origins, and then voice the orange, rocky character after his transformation. Another idea, heard by Screen Rant, is for Kiefer Sutherland to handle the mainly vocal gig. As we'd heard before, The Thing will be entirely CGI rather than an actor in a suit, a la Michael Chiklis' portrayal in the prior two FF installments.

ComicBookMovie.com has additional inside info about Fox's interests in the casting of villain Doctor Doom and choice of director. The lead candidate for the former is True Blood star Stephen Moyer, who if signed could then have more in common with his newly wedded bride (X-Men's Anna Paquin), than just starring opposite her in the popular vampire series. Three directors have been reportedly shortlisted as potential helmers of the reboot, Joe Carnahan(The A-Team), David Yates (Harry Potter) and James McTeigue(V for Vendetta). All are perfectly capable of making a comic book movie, though their talent does vary.
If you have a preference, now is the best time to make it known, since the only thing spreading rumors like these is good for is to provide feedback for the studios, which definitely pay attention to the online fan chatter. Here are my thoughts on the Thing casting: Willis has a better look for the quick glimpses of the human Grimm, but Sutherland's voice is a lot more fitting for the voice work, given that The Thing's speech should sound rather gruff. Willis' voice would be more distracting, especially since we'll keep thinking the character sounds like the baby from Look Who's Talking. Sutherland, on the other hand, did the perfect Thing voice as the general in Monsters vs. Aliens. He'd definitely sound a lot better shouting, "it's clobberin' time!"

Who do you think is better for The Thing? And which director would you prefer (I say Carnahan)? And Moyer, good or bad for Victor Von Doom?

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