Faith-based movie production companies are heading in flocks to central Florida to film. The weather is great, the local churches have plenty of volunteers at the ready, the state offers financial incentives, and the theme parks are staffed with actors looking for a big break. Plus, as one local filmmaker puts it, "We want to get the 'L' out of Hollywood." Zing!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, which has a full rundown of these small indies filming in the Sunshine State, the help from local churches can be crucial, from just offering an extra set of hands to congregants who offer up their homes for locations. The Passion of the Christ benefited from marketing directly to churches and religious groups, who often bought tickets in bulk, but these smaller films have taken it one step further because churches themselves are becoming production companies and sometimes the theaters themselves.
Faith and Power Pictures was started by the Faith and Power Worship Center as a way to "minister outside the four walls of the church, to the whole world... Movies seem like a better way of spreading our message." Faith and Power Pictures has so far produced one straight-to-DVD movie, Daniel's Lot, and has a second movie in the works called Heading Home. You can apply to be part of the latter movie directly on the site itself; the available positions include everything from videographers to carpenters and day care providers. People can also donate directly to Faith and Power Pictures through their "Help Holywood"website. A key inspiration has been the grassroots success of the Kirk Cameron film Fireproof, which offers a host of tie-ins from "The Love Dare Bible Study" to the "Fireproof Your Marriage Curriculum."

Whether or not you're interested in faith-based movies, the model is certainly an inspirational one, if you will. The all-hands-on-deck approach is an old-school method of making movies that everyone from students to experimental filmmakers like Nick Zedd have employed to put their own visions on screen as little money as possible. And don't forget Kickstarter if you're itching to donate to a creative cause.
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