I keep flip-flopping about Scream 4. On the one hand, if they're going to do another film in this franchise I'm glad to see Wes Craven back at the helm and familiar faces like Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox-Arquette back in the cast. I'm hit-and-miss on Kevin Williamson returning to write.

The film's been shooting for over a month already (and just got an extension to keep filming until the end of September), but in a weird twist we're still getting casting news. A few days ago, it was the announcement that Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell were involved, and now two more starlets have been added to the mix in what will almost assuredly be brief cameo roles.
90210 cast member Shenae Grimes took to Twitter to share news about her appearance in the slasher franchise's reboot: "on set waiting to bang out my cameo in scream 4! All hush hush but stay tuned! X." [sic]

This prompted a response from Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale: "@shenaeSG hey girl heyyy" followed by Grimes replying with, "@lucyyhale what's your favorite scary movie?? LOL glad to be here with ya! X." [sic]

Yes, we just posted Twitter gibberish as a source. Somewhere, Walter Cronkite is spinning in his grave ...

What we learned from this exchange is that apparently both actresses are on set. No idea who they might play, or if they'll actually appear in the finished cut. Some are speculating that perhaps Craven and Williamson have concocted cameos and scenes that won't ever be used in the film as a ploy to keep the real ending secret. Seems like a lot of effort to keep a secret in a film no one seems particularly interested in to begin with, but maybe there's something to it.

Do you buy that theory or is this just in keeping with the cameo tradition started by Jay and Silent Bob in Scream 3?

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