What hath Batman Begins wrought?

First, they rebooted Batman. They rebooted the Hulk. They rebooted the Punisher. They're rebooting Spider-Man and Daredevil. For better or for worse, studios no longer have any hesitation to begin a series anew with a bright, clean new slate if the first entry or two failed to light the world on fire. So far, I'm leaning to the "better" side of the equation. Look at Chris Nolan's Batman Begins next to its campy, neon-colored predecessor. Look at the fast and fun Incredible Hulk next to Ang Lee's overwrought, bizarrely dull first film.

As everyone probably already knows, the latest superhero franchise to get the 'ol reboot treatment is the Fantastic Four. Like any multimillion dollar fanboy film featuring superpowered men and ladies in form-fitting costumes, the project has barely gained any steam and rumors all already abound concerning things like actors and directors. You know. The little things.

Would it please you to know that Adrien Brody's name is being thrown around as a possible Reed Richards, AKA, the stretchy and super flexible Mr. Fantastic? How about the lovely Amber Heard or Alice Eve as Sue Storm, AKA, the Invisible Woman?

But wait, there's more!

You want a Doctor Doom played by True Blood's Stephen Moyer? Latino Review says you very well might.

How about Kevin Pennington, from that 90210 show that I've never laid an eye on, for Johnny Storm, the Human Torch?

And how about The Thing, which will be a CGI creation this time around instead of Michael Chiklis in a foam suit? Apparently, Fox wants the vocal talents of one Mr. Bruce Willis for the part, which feels like such perfect casting that I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned in the infinite fan-casting message board threads I've perused over the years.

Overall, it's an interesting but inexpensive list. Really, though, were we all really expecting them to go after George Clooney for Mr. Fantastic? I'm a big fan of Brody's and if there's one thing he can do well, it's play brainy.

The rest of the list is filled with wild cards. Sure, Heard and Eve are attractive women, but could I believe that they're scientists? Granted, I never bought Jessica Alba as a science wiz, but legitimacy would be nice, if not required.

I'm unfamiliar with Moyer, so I'm unable to comment, other than to say "Please don't make Doom a pretty-boy, liquid metal lightning yuppie again."

Speaking of pretty boys, this Pennington fellow. If there is truth to these rumors, he has the biggest shoes to fill, seeing that this role was previously played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans. For all we know, this guy could be a future star, but right now, all we have is his tiny resume.

And finally, there seem to be three directors on the studio's short list. They are:

Joe Carnahan, whose most recent work was the extremely fun, ensemble team action comedy, The A-Team.
David Yates, who has been tinkering around a little series you may have heard of called Harry Potter.
And James McTeige, who directed V For Vendetta and Ninja Assassin.

All three are directors who I enjoy to some degree, but I'm hoping for Mr. Carnahan here, mainly because The A-Team struck a tone that I think would be perfect for the Fantastic Four. Also because he made Narc a long time ago and just want to see him work, even if it's far from his gritty roots.

What say you, Fantastic Four fans? I'm assuming you're happy with the reboot news (is anyone a fan of the original films?), but are you happy with these rumors? Would you watch a Fantastic Four film with these folks involved? Talk about it below!
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