- Hah: Apparently no one searched Google for "blue dong" prior to Zack Snyder's Watchmen. [via Reddit]

- Jackie Chan is set to direct and star in the Chinese historical drama The 1911 Revolution. The film is expected to feature a cast of around 70 of China's biggest stars and be done by September of 2011 so as to be ready for release on the 100-year anniversary of the titular revolution. Sounds like a good enough reason to me to climb back into the director's chair (which Chan hasn't done in over a decade).

- Want to know how Neil Marshall pulled off the fireball scene in Centurion? Turns out it was pretty simple: he actually rolled massive fireballs down a hill at his stunt team. Gotta love practical effects (okay, so it wasn't done all in camera, but it was all practical; some of it was just composited together later).

- Looks like the nasty-sounding bed bugs that have invaded NYC movie theaters have also made their way into the main press venue at TIFF. And not only that, but their resurgence as a hot topic has also reactivated interest in a horror movie about the little beasties that was once set up at New Line but has since reverted back to its producers.
- TheOneRing.net are reporting that Sylvester McCoy, who played Dr. Who long before its recent revival, is in contention with another, unnamed actor to have a prominent role in The Hobbit (which they theorize is Radagast the Brown).

- The Weirton Daily Times [via MovieVirlal], the online paper of the small West Virginian town of the same name, is reporting that Paramount are looking to cast some 2,000 extras for an "unnamed film". It doesn't take much digging to peg the unnamed film as JJ Abrams' Super 8. Of course no one knows exactly what the extras will be used for (though it is noted that they're all non-speaking roles), but either way, a call for 2,000 able bodies indicates that Super 8 might have a larger scale than many were previously expecting.

- Apparently Mel Gibson is going to amp up his controversial behavior before people start to boycott his films en masse: a recent poll indicates that 76% of Americans polled would still want to see a Gibson movie even if damning audiotapes and photos supporting the allegations against him were made public.

- I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you:

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