Great news for Italian horror fans -- Dario Argento's gorgeous film Inferno is coming to Blu-ray this fall! The second part of Argento's "Three Mothers Trilogy", Inferno is a beautiful enigma. It's one of those films you can see multiple times and still discover new things. Much like the witches of Argento's story, it doesn't reveal all its secrets easily. And thanks to Germany's Koch and Cinema Obscura, fans will be able to enjoy the film's intricacies once more in high def glory.

Twitch revealed that Koch and Cinema Obscura are promising a new edition of the film that promises to be the definitive one -- with unique, original features built around a new, HD transfer. The best part is that the transfer and color correction are being handled by Inferno's cinematographer, Romano Albani -- whose work was also featured on Argento's Phenomena.

After the jump, check out the list of great features that come with the disc. I, for one, am anxious to get my hands on it.
- New HD digital transfer of the uncut version was supervised and colour-corrected by the cinematographer Romano Albani

- English, Italian and German audio

- New, 2010 produced and over 90 minutes long documentary about INFERNO with Dario Argento, cinematographer Romano Albani, actress Daria Nicolodi, the makeup as well as the special effects department, Luigi Cozzi, Claudio Simonetti as well as the animal trainer of the film.

- Irene Miracle hosted by Tim Lucas

- Question & Answer with music composer Keith Emerson

- New, 2010 produced location tour

- German, English as well as Italian trailer

- New audio commentary by film-historians Dr. Marcus Stigelegger ans Christian Kessler

- Booklet

- Movie as well as ALL supplementary materials have English & German subtitles
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