21 years ago, he was short, his belly button stuck out too far and he was a terrible burden on his mother. Now, baby Oscar is of age and definitely becoming a Ghostbuster, according to Bloody Disgusting. We've expected this, and Sigourney Weaver hoped for it to be so, but the latest rumors on Ghostbusters 3confirm (?) Dana Barett's son will strap on a proton pack as one of the next generation team. But here's a rather surprising piece of the news: Oscar will be revealed to be Bill Murray/Peter Venkman's kid after all.

Is that possible? I guess it was never said how long it'd been since Peter and Dana stopped seeing each other. And there's barely much mention of who Oscar's father is (presumably the violinist she's dating in the first movie, named "Andre Wallance" in the novelization). Still, it's kind of a forced-on fact, and I do believe either Peter would have been more suspicious or Egon and Ray would have found out through some DNA test done while thoroughly investigating the kid.
BD recognizes the similarity to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but of course there's also Superman Returns. And Tron: Legacy. Is the only idea for late-comer sequels to have an offspring and torch-passing plot? DoesWall Street 2: Money Never Sleepsfit, too? Well, if they must, I'd like to see Homer Murray play Oscar. It'll never happen (for one thing he's not an actor), but it would be a fun to use the resemblance as a signal to the audience before it's revealed to the character -- Homer was employed in a similar way for Broken Flowers, though in far less capacity. I presume Jonah Hill will get the part instead.

Also mentioned in this update are claims that both Weaver and Rick Moranis will be returning, the latter agreeing to come out of retirement to reprise his role, despite his unwillingness to voice the character for the Ghostbusters video game a few years back. I really hope it's true. We all miss the guy a lot, right?

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