Comic book writer Mark Millar has once again made himself look like a prat while promoting himself and his work in public. Millar, the writer of the comic Kick-Ass, Wanted, Superman: Red Son and The Authority, which is still probably his best work, has told Richard Bacon on his most recent BBC Radio Five Live show (via Bleeding Cool) that there will indeed be a sequel to Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass movie adaptation. This news comes as a surprise considering how lackluster Kick-Ass was at the box office, in spite of some massive hype preceding its release (I won't say fanboy if you won't). Millar said:
"The estimate is [Kick-Ass] will do 100 to 150 million on DVD based on the American sales, you know, so it'll end up making a quarter of a billion on a 28 million investment. So It should be okay. So the sequel's greenlit, we can go ahead and do the follow up now, you know. The first made so much compared to what it cost it would be crazy not to."
Millar also went on to put down director Vaugh by "out(ing) Matthew Vaughn as a friend of David Cameron and a director of some Conservative Party Political Broadcasts." I'm not sure why he had to mention this but knowing who's talking, I doubt he had a legit reason at any point.

Millar's got a major ego, constantly spouting off about how daring and visionary his comics are, half-jokingly, while treating shock and potty-mouthed provocation like the next big thing in comics (He called Wanted the next Watchmen, but when readers called him on that hyperbolic statement, he backtracked and claimed he meant in terms of the scale and world he was building. Readers rightly still protested.). He's the comic book equivalent of a rockstar with a humongoid ego and all the attention the movie adaptations of Wanted and Kick-Ass have given him have clearly gone to his head.

Millar continued to hype himself up in the interview by name-dropping Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt as actors he'd love to see star in Tony Scott's adaptation of Millar's Nemesis, about an anti-Bruce Wayne costumed criminal.

"Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott... I just got a call from him, literally about a month ago... it was one of those very surreal things. This is a $150 million budget... he said 'Who do you fancy for it?'... I said 'I dunno, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp' so he said 'That's good, we'll give them a call.'"

But that all sounds like a bunch of wish-list stuff, and until Tony Scott pipes up, we'll leave it at that.

But what about Kick-Ass 2? Is it necessary? Would you see it? Or should Millar focus on the adaptations of his other comics?
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