Though there are five (or is it fifty?) projects Angelina Jolie is flirting with or prepping for right now -- from her directorial debut in Bosnia to Cleopatra -- there's one film she's definitely not doing. In fact, she's refused to sign on twice now, even after some salivating hard-core press from the studio, an intriguing premise, a great director, and big money.

Though Warner Bros. fought to bring her into the fold, and she was initially intrigued by the project when it was at Universal, Jolie refuses to headline Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron's upcoming 3D sci-fi film, which would see her in a challenging Cast Away-type role set on a space station.
Deadline reports that Warner Bros. was very eager to get Jolie in the movie, since much of it will focus on the female lead alone on-screen, and no actress has the box office power of one Ms. Jolie. As the pitches of woo fail, however, they're faced with a wide range of possibilities: Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts, Marion Cotillard, Rebecca Hall, Abbie Cornish, Carey Mulligan, Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller, Olivia Wilde, and Blake Lively. When you're got Bullock and Lively on the same casting list, you know Warner Bros. is leaving no stone unturned.

Though Jolie doesn't seem titillated enough, the feature's plan sounds awesome. Set on a remote space station, the team leader (Robert Downey Jr.) and a female colleague are traveling outside of the station when an exploding satellite wipes out all of the team members but one (Jolie's passed role). "The film's central focus is the heroine's desperate attempt to return home to her child." Initial reports even revealed that the film would start with a twenty-minute take -- one that should make any Children of Men fan squeal in anticipation.

Serving action and drama that requires many different acting muscles to be exercised, and under the hands of a skilled filmmaker, Gravity seems like the next Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as far as casting goes. Who wouldn't want to take part, especially after the stellar work Sam Rockwell pulled off for Moon?

Perhaps Jolie is just too busy, but she always seems to find room for worthy features, and this one sounds like it'd be a whole lot better financially and critically than the other fare on her plate.

Is Jolie making a big mistake? Without her money-attracting star power, who should lead the 3D space adventure?
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