Michelle RodriguezMichelle Rodriguez is not a shy gal, and she's more than happy to discuss with reporters what she really wants to do with her life -- and that's to write. In an interview with Cinematical about Machete (which I highly encourage you to go see, if you like things that are awesome), she spilled the beans on some scripts she's working on.

"I'm writing three things right now, honey. I'm busting booty!" she said. "Girlfight was my first movie, and now I'm like, ten years later, a decade later, I'm ready to do what I got into the business for, and I'm doing three projects right now... It's gnarly. Hopefully something will pop out of this, and we can start making some cool movies with chicks in it."

The first and most tangible script is a remake of the German films Bandits, about four girls who get together as a band behind bars. "That's gonna be fun to cast, man," Rodriguez said, laughing. "I'm about 40 pages into it, into the second act, and I'm loving it. I've got a new stylized kind of format to shoot it in, and I'm hoping that we find some interesting and some cool director to pull it off. Because it's not every day you come across someone who understands beauty in the [mundane], and I need somebody like that to both shoot it and direct it, so it's going to be tough.

It's not just the story line. The story line, for me, is easy. It comes second nature [to me]. The hard part is going to be finding somebody to interpret it and understand what sexy is and what beautiful is and what pop culture is, because all of these elements are going to be so important to the project."

I asked her if she would consider directing the project herself, but she said she wasn't sure she was ready yet. "Maybe in another 10 years. Maybe when I'm 40 and I stop acting!" she said. "I got into this business to write, and it's been a decade and now I'm writing."

Rodriguez added, "Basically, right now we're in the treatment stages. We're trying to get development funds because I'm tired of writing pro bono. I've done that so far for the last year and a half, and I just feel like basically, the idea that there is a secret society that's been around since the Renaissance era and it's [made up of] women."

Wait, what? A secret society of ladies running the world? Rodriguez called it The Monarch Society, and it's about a group of women that "have ties in the Interpol, CIA, government agencies, and they do covert operations." She explained they're "kind of like economic hitmen. But not only economic hitmen, they also have their own army, they have ties [to] the UN. What they do is they try to push the global green initiative. That's what they do today, but in the past, they prevented wars, they influenced the preservation of lands, you know, things like that."

The idea, Rodriguez explained, is based around the women behind the men running the governments around the world. "I want to do a film that kind of emphasize the need for that feminine balance in the world, and what the wives of all these powerful men throughout history really represent and how influential they really [were], so if I put it in the symbolic form of a secret society organization, then I think people will understand."

While Rodriguez didn't have time to divulge the third project she's writing, it sounds like she's got enough on her plate for the time being, especially since she's got more acting roles coming down the pipeline. Last we heard she was "in talks" to be in the Paul Schrader film The Jesuit, and she might also be starring in Army of Two, an adaptation of the video game by EA.

However, there's no doubt that this powerhouse can do whatever she puts her mind to, whether it's fighting aliens or kick-starting a revolution out of the back of her taco truck.

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