wil wheaton george takeiMuch like Chuck, The Big Bang Theory aims to please its core audience with a steady stream of geek-friendly guest stars. Battlestar Galactica vet Katee Sackhoff is returning to the show this season, and executive producer Bill Prady has confirmed that Star Trek alums George Takei and Wil Wheaton have also signed up to appear in upcoming episodes.

Takei will pop up alongside Sackhoff as part of Wolowitz's conscience.

"George Takei plays himself, and he's the other person guiding Wolowitz in his thoughts as he tries to figure out what to do about Bernadette," Prady told our sister site TV Squad.

Wheaton returns to the show to terrorize everyone as Evil Wil Wheaton. In a scene reminiscent of his first appearance on The Guild, Wheaton and three pals will cut in front of Sheldon and crew in line to see a one-time-only screening of a classic geek movie (possibly Raiders of the Lost Arc) with restored footage.
Prady tells the Ausiello Files about Wheaton sep: "When it comes time for our guys to get in, the line stops; Wil took the last four seats and Sheldon is just furious. Because it doesn't make sense to him. Wil's celebrity is not applicable here. This is not Star Trek. It's just wrong."

I dunno about you, but I'd be honored if Wil Wheaton cut in front of me. At least I'd have a story to tell!

Season four of The Big Bang Theory premieres Thursday, Sept. 23 on CBS.
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