I have a confession to make: I'm kind of a film festival newbie. As such, I've spent most of my time at the few festivals I've been to almost exclusively watching their feature film programming whilst completely neglecting the short films. Not that I have anything against shorts, I love them, in fact, it was just that in my noob brain the equation was: Me + Finally at a Film Festival = Watch Feature Films Like They're Going Out of Style. I recently realized how stupid that equation is.

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to lend a hand to the Fantastic Fest programmers in going through the legion of short films that were submitted to the fest. Around the second time I finished watching a submission and thought, "Those 14 minutes were better than half of the theatrical films I've seen this year", I realized just how neglectful I had been. Needless to say, it was an eye-opening experience and I can absolutely attest that the slate of short films selected for this year's FF are phenomenal.

In true FF fashion, the selected films range from shocking to weird to hilarious to 'what in God's name am I watching?'. And while there are recognizable filmmakers among the names below, like make-up effects maestro Greg Nictorero and animation genius Don Hertzfeldt, the best part of the shorts slate will of course be discovering new filmmakers for the first time.

Over 40 Genre-Bending Shorts From Across The Globe
Set To Premiere At This Year's Festival

Austin, TX---Friday, September 3, 2010---Fantastic Fest announces the full short films lineup, including over 40 genre-bending selections from around the world. The festival has amassed the ultimate array of cool, twisted, beautiful, mind-bending, horrifying and hilarious short films. The best short films can pack in more emotion, laughs adrenaline, creativity and flat-out insanity than a million big-budget blockbusters. Or they can show you something so ambitiously horrendous that you beg for mercy.


Canada, Director: Peter Hatch
A dating service where anyone can find their soul mate.

Germany, Director: Daniel Nocke
We're not the only species that needs to endure the wrenching pain of relationships gone sour.

UK, Director: David Bunting
Lovely animated story about a boy and his bear and the secrets of the universe.

UK, Director: Stephen Irwin
Here's the newest way to enjoy mankind's impending self-apocalypse.

Spain, Director: David Muñoz
When you've accidentally slipped through a wormhole, you'd better hope your guide isn't a jackass.

Germany, Director: Juan DiazB
A man copes with the pain of life through a very unusual medium: snow globes.

New Zealand, Director: Jason Stutter
Two children engage in a seemingly innocent game of William Tell.

US, Director: Sean Carter
In the desert between the US and Mexico, there are more terrifying things to watch out for than the border guards.

Argentina, Director: Pedro Cristiani
Exorcism. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

France, Director: David Alapont and Luis Briceño
A civilization built on the idea that "What you don't see doesn't exist" is severely disturbed when a man opens a mysterious package.

Spain, Director: Alberto Gonzales
President Reagan has an extremely important message for us.

UK, Director: Yann Benedi
A bittersweet introduction to the not-so-human condition.

US, Director: Jim Hosking
A concise, informative, hairy and fairly nude introduction to the world of big business.

Germany, Director: Sebastian Marka
A journalist scores an interview with a notorious and so far uncaptured serial killer.

Switzerland/Germany, Director: N. Steiner
Happy birthday! Your entire life was squandered and you'll die alone!

Mexico, Director: Juan Jose Medina
A man treads across a post-apocalyptic landscape carrying a bitter, vengeful burden.

Canada, Director: Nicolas Bolduc
Even the most ridiculous, lonely people can find romance. Wait. No. Probably not.

UK, Director: Phil Dale
Two costumed medieval wannabes are forced to face off against all-too-real foes.

Canada, Director: Jerome Sable
A bloodthirsty campfire terror legend goes...musical?

Sweden, Director: Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson
Percussion reaches bold new heights in this brilliantly unique tale of urban paradiddles and ratamacues.

Spain, Director: Pablo Larcuen
A semi-catatonic young man is finally able to reach beyond his world of porn and video games thanks to his first and only friend: an alien fish-man.

Brazil, Director: Dennison Ramalho
Emotionally tortured after accidentally shooting a child, a policeman is offered a brutal shot at redemption.

USA/UK, Director: Jacob Jaffke
A burglar and his dog navigate seasonally abandoned houses, and find someone is committing much more terrible crimes.

UK, Director: Jonathan Hopkins
An interstellar would-be savior stumbles across a violent flim-flam man. Hijinks ensue.

New Zealand, Director: thedownlowconcept
A young man receives unwanted dating advice from his dead father.

Germany, Director: Jan Gallasch
This nurse does not abide by the Hippocratic Oath.

USA, Director: Andrew Wilding
It's the perfect crime...what could possibly go wrong?

Sweden, Director: Henrik Andersson
A happy couple enjoying a gorgeous summer day together is unprepared for the difficulties that attack their peaceful life.

Spain, Director: Manuel Arija
A street performer draws a tremendous crowd, including a young lady who may regret watching.

France, Director: Patrick Jean
A full-scale invasion from the 8-bit dimension!!!

Spain, Director: Chema Garcia Ibarra
Life is hard. Life in a hermetically sealed space suit is nearly impossible.

USA, Director: Jim Hosking
Two tragic friends enter a world of weaponry, nudity and cake shaped like a clown's head.

France, Director: Julien Lecat
A woman enters the deepest recesses of her friend's brain to help him get back on track.

Canada, Director: Chris Walsh
Rotting flesh breaks soil and the fun begins. The shortest short in FF history.

Sweden, Director: Johan Lundborg and Johan Storm
A lovable grandmother is certain that her nursing home caretakers are murderous maniacs. She's right.

USA, Director: The Zellner Brothers
An unprecedented peek at the mysteries of nature.

Czech Republic/UK/USA, Director: Ben Richardson and Daniel Bird
Birth. Junk. Expansion. Technology. Death. Usually in that order.

Spain, Director: Leticia Dolera
A shy, possibly non-human man ends up working with a girl who makes his heart -- or something else in his chest -- go pitter-pat.

Germany, Director: Gregor Erler
With the help of some corrupt cops, a man driving through the forest of Germany has the worst goddamn night in history.

USA, Director: Stephen Carolan
Prepare to witness the power of the ultimate warrior of the lost world: Stranger Hero!!

Argentina, Director: Javier Mrad
Impossible landscapes created by everyday objects. Hypnotic and perfect.

UK, Director: Can Evrenol
A nightmarish example of a practical joke gone awry.

USA, Director: Jamin Winans
A very special uncle soothes his nephew with a very special bedtime story.

Sweden, Director: Arni Jonsson
Original Icelandic legend provides for 13 Santa Clauses, each of whom arrive in succession on different nights. But their Santas aren't as benevolent as ours, and tonight is the night for the one they call "Meathook."

USA, Director: Greg Nicotero
You're likely already familiar with the classic monster films of Hollywood's golden age. Now, learn how tough it was to get those monsters to behave on camera!

UK, Director: Jamie Hooper
A young woman receives a mysterious DVD in the post. She soon comes to realize that pressing "play" was a bad mistake.

Brazil, Director: Filippe Lyra and William Paiva
A crew of robots teaches us lousy humans how it's really done.

USA, Director: Don Hertzfeldt
The latest hilarious heart wrecker from unstoppable animation force Don Hertzfeldt!

Switzerland, Director: Cécile Brun, Katja Schiendorfer, Immanuel Wagner and Nils Hedinger
An astronaut wanders the spaceways in search of new life. When something shows up...he's at a loss.
And if you don't catch these shorts before one of our features, you'll have a chance to see some of them in our shorts programs:

It's been said that animation isn't just for kids anymore. Well, that's ESPECIALLY the case at Fantastic Fest. We'll be showcasing all aspects of genre entertainment in animated form, some of which will make you laugh, and some of which will make your bodily functions shut down entirely.


The best short films can pack in more adrenaline, creativity and flat-out insanity than a million big-budget blockbusters. Or they can show you something so ambitiously horrendous that you beg for mercy. Your intrepid Fantastic Fest programmers have scoured the international celluloid goldmines for the most skull-bursting, taste-annihilating and eyeball-destroying shorts in existence, and this program is truly the mother load.


Fantastic Fest has scoured the globe for the very best in action, horror, science fiction, fantasy to the truly bizarre in contemporary cinema for your viewing pleasure. Look for more announcements in the final weeks before the festival, including information on our gala events, parties and AMD Next Wave filmmakers in attendance.
Fantastic Fest is the film festival with the boring parts cut out. Miss this one and your regrets will agonize you for years to come. You have been warned.

For the latest developments visit Fantastic Fest Facebook & Twitter:
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