In 2007, Robert Rodriguez hosted a grindhouse-themed trailer contest at SXSW. The first prize winner would get enough money to take their imaginary film and turn it into a big(ger)-budget feature film. Jason Eisener was last year's winner. His trailer was for a high-concept film, which he had already made a low-budget version of, to end them all: Hobo with a Shotgun. The best part about this project: Rutger Hauer is the titular hobo. Oh yes.

A trailer for the feature-length film has surfaced already and boy does it look like...Rutger Hauer with a shotgun. A compliment, I assure you. Watching a haunted Hauer tell a maternity ward full of newborns what life is going to be like for them and how they'll have to become junkies or prostitutes if they plan on living in the area is pretty priceless. Then again, I'm not so sure about the rest of the trailer. Check out the trailer after the break.
Apart from the fact that the film's post-apocalyptic setting looks like it were designed by the guy that did the art design for Batman and Robin, I'm just not sure if I want a feature film about a concept as gonzo as, well, a film about a homeless man with a pump-action shotgun. The joke will probably wear thin pretty quickly but then again, I haven't seen Rodriguez's Machete, another grindhouse-trailer-turned-film. I'll see Hobo regardless because hot damn, Rutger Hauer playing a bad-ass again, but the project looks pretty thin from the outset.