Blue Underground is on a roll this year, churning out fan favorites like Fulci's City of the Living Dead, Django and the upcoming Maniac all in glorious high definition on Blu-ray disc. According to High-Def Digest, they've recently announced yet another addition to their slate, Harry Kümel's Daughters of Darkness. The 1971 film stars Delphine Seyrig who eagle-eyed fans may recognize from Alain Resnais' 1961 classic and current Criterion Collection title, Last Year at Marienbad. I haven't seen this particular film, but it looks to feature the famed Countess Bathory as the main character, played by Seyrig. Hopefully horror fans can count on the tagline to deliver "an erotic nightmare of vampire lust." Sounds good to me!

Blue Underground has announced the expected 1080p video transfer as well as a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio track for the original mono sound. Special features are slated to include:
Audio Commentary with Co-writer/Director Harry Kümel
Audio Commentary with Star John Karlen and Journalist David Del Valle
Locations of Darkness – Interviews with Co-Writer/Director Harry Kümel and Co-Writer/Co-Producer Pierre Drouot
Playing the Victim – Interview with Star Danielle Ouimet
Daughter of Darkness – Interview with Star Andrea Rau
Theatrical Trailer and Radio Spots

The disc is set for release on December 21 for a retail price of $29.98.
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