Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
would have done very well in America with a certain crowd (geeks). Despite the subject matter, it looks like it was pretty cheap to make since there were minimal computer effects and the majority of action takes place in one location (the pub). Science fiction pop culture in-jokes run rampant throughout the movie and is even on the movie poster where the characters are positioned as an homage to the Back to the Future franchise.

The plot in brief: while our heroic trio debate various science fiction premises in the pub (including time travel), Ray runs into a woman named Cassie (played by the adorable Anna Faris) who claims to be a time traveler from the future whose job it is to fix time leaks. Cassie disappears and our trio later find the time leak Cassie is searching for in the bathroom.
It's interesting how the movie plays to opposing theories of time travel. In some cases, time is immutable and in other cases it can be changed. The story also gets an antagonist in the form of an "editor," a criminal who tries to change history by killing famous people at their greatest moment. In this case, there was something of a hero worship factor towards our protagonists in the crime.

While having a plot all its own, FAQ About Time Travel is an homage to cult science fiction movies throughout history, from the opening credits emulating the Superman movies to one of the closing lines of the film being lifted word-for-word from theFlash Gordon movie of the 80's.

Chris O'Dowd's character is somewhat reminiscent of his character in The IT Crowd, particularly since one is named Ray and the other is named Roy, but that's also part of the in-joke charm of the movie. If this were remade in the United States, the role might well be cast from one of the leads of The Big Bang Theory.

It's interesting how the movie is both a science fiction geek movie yet also a critique of the science fiction geek culture. It's very much a shame that it was not released in America. Far be it from suggesting people to doing something illegal (it is on HBO OnDemand, after all), but I think your life would be enriched by seeing this movie. At the very least, it's an entertaining 80 minutes.
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