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Last time rumors of a new Bill & Ted movie hit the web, the talk centered on a new creative team wanting to take us on a most bogus journey with new actors rebooting the franchise for a new generation. Keanu Reeves countered those claims by telling reporters that he was looking to reprise the role of Ted in third film with the original Bill, Alex Winter. Now Winter is the one talking about a possible third movie in the series that gave us Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) and its dark and twisted follow up, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey(1991).

Speaking at a recent New Beverly Bill & Ted retrospective (seriously), Winter told the crowd that plans for another Bill & Ted flick are "currently being ironed out," according to Movieweb.

Winter said that he and Reeves came up with a new storyline for a third movie with Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, the writers of the first two movies, that was "far too dark for children to see."
Winter later took to Twitter to clarify his statements.

"All I said about b&t @newbeverly is me, Keanu Reeves, Ed Solomon & Chris Matheson have kicked ideas around over the years. Everything else on the net is conjecture. Idea of a 3rd sequel is nothing more than a lark tho for now. fyi..."

Still, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about the proposed movie's storyline. Will Bill & Ted go back to hell? Will they travel through time again? Does the Grim Reaper still play bass in Wyld Stallyns? And who will be married to Missy?

I love the Bill & Ted movies. They're funny, clever, geeky, inventive, and they offer an impossibly positive message about rock 'n' roll saving the world and bringing peace, love and harmony to the universe. Here's hoping the boys can pull it together for another go-round in that time-traveling phone booth. Station!
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