We don't know much about the Spider-Man reboot at this point -- aside from the fact that Marc Webb is directing and Andrew Garfield will be tackling the role of Peter Parker. Rumors are swirling now, after a Globe and Mail article on Mike Comrie mentioned the hockey player's wife -- actress Hilary Duff -- had a script for the reboot sitting on her kitchen table during a recent visit to their home.

Duff, who's worked hard to parlay her Disney childhood stardom into an adult career with some degree of success (she sings, acts, and will soon be a published author), is apparently in the running for a major part in the cinematic reboot of one of Marvel's most popular franchises.
The article mentions only that the script had a part entitled "girl" highlighted -- almost assuredly to keep the plot details under wraps -- but that hasn't stopped comic fans from speculating who Duff might be auditioning to play. Many have the blonde actress pegged as Gwen Stacy (a part filled by Bryce Dallas Howard in the last film) -- a Peter Parker love interest who has a run in with the Green Goblin.

Stacy makes sense, although it's not much of a stretch to picture Duff dying her hair and playing Spidey's main squeeze, Mary Jane, either. Kirsten Dunst took on that role in the earlier films.

If it's a one or the other thing, I'd prefer Duff as Stacy. I'm not convinced she'd work as Mary Jane -- she's too innocent looking. In a perfect world, I'd rather see them go with a different actress for both parts. Nothing against Duff, but I don't know that I want to see her as a major character in the Spider-Man universe. Which would you prefer? Duff as Stacy or Mary Jane or ... ? Opine below.