George Romero may have made zombies mainstream with his Dead films, but the Italians made them awesome when they took the ideas found in Romero's Dawn of the Dead and spun them off into their own unique creations.

The one thing that's been missing from this ongoing zombie renaissance is an Italian morti viventi flick. That's set to change once Marco Ristori and Luca Boni's Eaters finally makes its debut. We still have no word on when that might occur, but we must be getting closer because the duo have released the first official full trailer for their flick.

While the words "Produced by Uwe Boll" will rightfully strike fear into many a film fan's heart, I can't help but think this trailer still looks pretty interesting. I don't think Eaters is set to usurp any classic Italian zombie films' place in cinematic history, but it does appear as though Ristori and Boni have their hearts in the right place.
The story isn't groundbreakingly original -- an epidemic has left mankind in shambles and the walking dead are everywhere. Three men, two zombie hunters and a scientist named Gyno, have holed up in a fortress while they hunt not only the undead but for clues as to what happened to bring about this catastrophe.

Of course, you don't get a lot of that in the trailer -- what you do get is a loads of splatter, headshots, and action. That's all right with me, though. There are more than enough serious zombie films out there -- and Italy was always known for their gory and violent films in this field. Looks like that tradition will continue when Eaters finally debuts.

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